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Eco Carton

The Concept: Eco Carton can be used for all kinds of products such as hot and cold liquid (as long as they are not spirits), hot prepared meals such as Pasta, Rice, Stews, Vegetables, Soups and much more. Dry goods are also very happy in Eco Carton. It’s a great storage container especially for sugar, oats, nuts, salt, spices – so many opportunities for you to explore! The reason for its Conical shape is for ease of distribution and can easily be stacked just waiting to be filled with your favorite product. Its clever closure will make it easy for you to pour from and store. Eco Carton is happy to be in the freezer with your best leftovers ready to be re-heated

Household use: Store your dry goods in a clever and practical way. Perfectly made to avoid wastage. Just write on the Carton what the content is. It becomes a reusable container for sugar, flour, rice and so many other foods which can be stored cleanly and stay easily recognizable. Avoid those torn and flimsy bags that are not practical to pour or store.

Commercial use: Eco carton can be used to sell your bulk products such as Muesli and other breakfast cereals, nuts, dried fruits, sweets. All sorts of loose products and especially good for “pick and mix!”. Use it for take home ready meals, like pasta, noodles and curries. The carton will keep hot products warm for a long time and fresh products cool.

Sponsorship and Marketing opportunities: We can manufacture in large volumes for sporting events, concerts and music festivals. The carton can be printed with fabulous graphics and support advertising space for your sponsors. We can provide you with a design template and if you send us your logo and artwork we will do the rest.

Type of board: Dairy “milkboard”

Size: 1 Pint – 568 ml / 2 Pints – 1136 ml