EvoCup by Italpack Cartons

EvoCup by Italpack Cartons: more sustainability and less plastic … a benefit for the
environment and a guarantee for quality products of our territory!
Italpack is to packaging as Mandara is to mozzarella. From this collaboration and the synergy of
excellence, new products and a new packaging are born.
For 4 years, Italpack Cartons, with its thirty-year technological know-how acquired in the Gable
Top, has developed two new product lines: the EcoCarton, a ready-to-use, stackable and
sustainable container designed for bulk food and the EvoCup, a innovative packaging that
guarantees food safety and a “shelf-life of products” identical to traditional containers, using 85%
less plastic!
The EvoCup is mainly composed of renewable and recyclable material: the cardboard, with a thin
film of polyethylene to ensure the freshness of the product.
Mandara, leader in Mozzarella di Bufala, is always looking for innovation in respect of tradition
and product quality. In absolute exclusivity, Mandara presents the new line of specialties packed
in the EvoCup: Burrata, Stracciatella and MozzAperì. Taste, Tradition and Quality are the heart of
the Mandara research for the benefit of those who love authentic tastes and high-quality
products… and from now also in a more sustainable way.
The Castelli Group, of which Mandara is part, will use its strong presence in Italy and abroad, to
guarantee distribution and visibility of these new products.

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