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The Concept: The EvoCup is an innovative and sustainable packaging for automated filling machines designed to replace plastic containers for liquid products and dry goods.

The product: It offers a barrier providing similar protection and shelf-life to existing plastic containers. The technology allowing Extended Shelf Life (ESL) involves the adoption of Gable Top know-how and selection of specific boards.

The EvoCup is compatible with existing automatic filling lines. It allows outstanding differentiation and customization potential using special features developed by Italpack such as transparent windows, embossing, braille alphabet…

EvoCup is available in a wide range of boards some of them microwaveable and / or compostable. Currently, Italpack produces 4 different formats: 334 ml, 400 ml, 500 ml, 1010 ml and a Maxi format of 1790 ml

The usage:

Dry goods: Chips, cereals, nuts, biscuits and all kind of snacks

Liquid or semi-liquid: Yoghourt, cheese, soups, fruits.

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