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Research and development

Food Safety is our major concern. We believe that food producers develop products with a special care and when they ask us to pack them, we endorse an important responsibility. That’s why in this scientific area we partner with 2 leading universities, in the area of food protection and migration.

Innovation and creative thinking are key elements of our strategy. Over the recent years we developed new products such as the Eco Carton and the EvoCup. We are also interested in out of the box thinking in term of business strategies, that’s why for the second consecutive year we asked group of students from the EM Lyon University to look at our business and at our industry with fresh eyes. The outcome was a very interesting dialogue where students and management had the opportunity to question fundamentals of the packaging business as well as future trends.

Digital is a huge opportunity for companies willing to inform and engage their customers but also track and control the flow of their goods. To really grab the essence of it, understand the impact on printing and offer leading hedge solutions, we have developed a close relationship with one of the most advanced company in the area of security markings. This collaboration open the door to tracking and tracing systems, multiple touch points communication and big data exploitation.