//Mandara case study: Steps to bring innovation to the customer

Mandara case study: Steps to bring innovation to the customer

BPWATTS: This business case, illustrates the steps we went through with our partners in order to bring 3 completely new products packed in the EvoCup ™, an innovative sustainable packaging on the European supermarkets’ shelves.

Mozzarella is a major business in Italy and Mandara company is one of the leading companies in the business. To maintain this leadership in a very competitive environment, research and innovation, have always been focus areas for the company. Recently, combining the know-how of internal researcher with expertise from the producers of Burrata in Puglia, 3 completely new products were developed

  • Burrata di bufala
  • Stracciatella
  • Mozzaperì

In the cluttered supermarket environment, quality and innovative products, are a must but packaging is also key to communicate with the customer. That’s why Mandara decided to engage with Italpack Cartons in order to develop a packaging enhancing the quality of the products. Mandara is an historical customer for Italpack Cartons. It was, in the past, the first company to use Gable-top type of packaging for the mozzarella, because of its environmental and protective qualities. Italpack Cartons, saw the opportunity to use EvoCup, an innovative packaging developed with its thirty-year technological know-how, that guarantees food safety and product shelf-life same to the traditional containers, using 85% less plastic.

Immediately, the joint team, realized that the projects would have to go 3 validation steps:

  1. Production: with the adaption of existing filling machines to the new EvoCup;
  2. Quality assurance: Shelf-life and quality, testing through internal and external analysis;
  3. Commercial: A comprehensive communication strategy, in order reach consumer acceptance. The plan would include distributors, customers and consumers.

Production: Technical experts from the Italpack, Mandara and the filling machine producer, defined the specific requirements in term of format and shape. Italpack went through the prototype production phase and delivered samples which were tested on the machine. After having successfully passed this step, quality assurance validation, started.

Quality assurance: A quantity of mozzarella, were packed in EvoCup containers and stored for shelf-life and organoleptic testing. Tests were performed internally in Italpack and in Mandara labs, but also externally, with our academic partners. The successful testing opened the door to the elaboration of the communication campaign.

Commercial: Mandara is part of the Gruppo Castelli. A number of meetings took place with Italpack Cartons, Mandara and Gruppo Castelli sales representatives in order to align the communication and highlight the key benefits for the different stakeholders. The product was presented at the Cibus Parma fair, in May 2018. Press coverage, social media communication, completed the presence at the Gruppo Castelli stand. The packaging design takes advantage of the offset printing quality to showcase the product. An important element of the design, is the EvoCup logo, combined with the 100% recyclable message, informing consumers that on top of choosing a superior quality, they contribute to improve sustainability, buying product contained in recipients made of renewable and recyclable material.

At moment, we are in the launch phase and we don’t have sales data to confirm the success; all we can say, is that the product has raised interest and positive comments at the Cibus Fair. This is already a major achievement in an environment where over 3.000 brand owners are presenting their products. We believe that this integrated approach, where packaging company, producer and distributor are combining their efforts to develop the best possible offer for the consumer, is full of potential.

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