Why Gable Top Cartons are better than Plastic Bottles?

Gable top cartons offer several advantages compared to plastic bottles, ensuring consistent product quality and lower production costs.

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Here some of the benefits of gable top cartons:

  • Safety: higher protection against light and air (no oxidation). Gable top cartons ensure the freshness and integrity of your products.
  • Efficiency: gable top cartons can be packed flat before liquid contents are filled, allowing a higher number of cartons to be shipped in a single truck and increases efficiency. When packed on shelves, the carton’s rectangular shape maximises the space used and will fit nicely next to each other. They are also lightweight, hence requiring less energy for their transportation.
  • Printing: three-times higher print surface than plastic bottles sleeves, which usually uses stickers for customer branding. A larger printing surface also leads to a more effective brand impact and differentiation.
  • Fit-for-purpose: the material is durable and hydrophobic.
  • Material: the middle ply is made from cardboard, an eco-friendly source of material if extracted from sustainably managed forests.
  • Opening & Closing: gable top cartons with screw caps store the liquid as securely as plastic bottles.

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