Lavermicocca case study

From the identification of an unmet consumer need to a complete solution developed in collaboration with the customer.

Business Problem We Are Trying To Solve (BPWATTS)

Lavermicocca is a well-established wine company. Since 1934, they distribute quality products to the best retailers in Italy. This family company is now managed by Giuseppe Lavermicocca, part of the 4th generation with still the same entrepreneurship spirit . During all these years of activity, the company has built success, selecting quality products which are sold at affordable prices, investing in the business and constantly proposing innovation to their customers.

Over the recent years and similarly to other industries, the wine industry went through major changes: Globalisation, European regulations, creation of large production groups, concentration of the distribution and well-informed consumers are some of the key transformation factors in the business. In front of such transformation, M. Lavermicocca realized that once more, the company would have to adapt in order to continue to be successful in the market. His deep experience of the wine market and innovative mind-set brought him to the following conclusions:

  1. The Italian consumer is no longer drinking wine as part of his daily routine. This is due to increased sophistication of the products, high prices and unattractive presentation of the product compared to other beverages.
  2. Whilst majority of the producers are moving towards sophistication and small volume segment of the market, there is an opportunity to offer a good quality product of Italian origin at an affordable price. This new product must be packed in an attractive and younger way, protecting the quality but maintaining its affordability.

“It was clear to me that there was an opportunity, but I needed a partner to understand my needs and provide me with a solution; Italpack was a logical choice under these circumstances, because of their flexibility, knowledge and customer orientation”


We split the project in 4 streams:

  • Production
  • Packaging
  • Design
  • Communication at point of sales

Production: Lavermicocca was using a co-packaging company. Given the fact that the introduction of the new concept required autonomy and flexibility, it was important to bring the filling process into the company. Italpack identified a suitable hot filling machine, capable to deliver the planned volume for the new product. Installation, testing, training of operators and maintenance of the machine were part of project and today, Lavermicocca employees are operating it independently.

Packaging: With over 30 years of experience in Gable Top, Italpack was capable to offer the best solution in term of quality and protection of the product, whilst maintaining the cost within the target. The innovation proposed to the consumer was the introduction of a transparent window covering most of the high of the container. A number of technical challenges had to be solved and new quality control process were introduced in order to deliver according to Italpack high quality standards.


Design: The spirit of the new product had to be communicated visually. Customer design team, took special care to come with an innovative, highly visible but still including references to the wine tradition. Many layouts were developed and finally a white, rosé and red look was launched. In the future, because of Italpack flexibility in production, it will be possible to modify the packaging for promotions or seasonal events.

Communication: Cluttered environment at retail does not allow a clear visibility of new products. In order to have an outstanding presence, Italpack designed and produced giant formats to be placed for promotional purpose with clear communication messages for the consumer.

“We are at the beginning of this new project, but we have a clear and innovative concept and a partner understanding and supporting us. With these elements, we believe that we will be successful in bringing wine back as an important cultural and enjoyable component of the daily meals of the Italian families.”

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